10 Best Indoor Gardening Tools & Supplies To Take Care Of Plants.

Are you trying your hands at gardening? Looking for some tools and supplies to keep your plants healthy, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gardening essentials. These tools will help you nurture your plants. Use these tools to easily carry out various activities like cleaning, pruning, watering, preparing the soil, etc. 

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1.Gardening Gloves come with Latex Coating on the finger and palm for added protection, plus knitted wrist straps to keep soil ways from getting inside. They are cut and tear-resistant. Also, they prevent your hands from blisters and scratches and keep them clean.
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2.This Potting Soil is completely chemical-free and organic. It includes microbes that enrich the soil’s properties. It is a ready-to-use organic potting soil mixture that gives better growth than other soil and is easy to maintain.
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gardening soil
3.Watering Can with a comfortable curve handle is ideal for watering indoor plants without spilling or wasting water.
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watering can

4. A Hand-held Trowel is essential for a variety of gardening activities, including breaking up soil clumps, digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, and preparing the soil for your plants.
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5.Garden Pruning Shears has a high-grade polished iron blade, which is designed to cut through branches with ease and gives a clean cut. The blade is ideal for cutting stems or small branches.
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pruner6.Kurphi is used to loosen up the soil, aerate it, and mulch it.It is also used to remove unwanted weeds. The Small size of the kurphi makes it a perfect tool for small pots in house garden.
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7. Neem Oil is an organic,non toxic pestiside.It protects the plants from insects and fungus disease. It is a safe and effective plant spray, suitable for both indoor and outdoor house plants.
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neem oil

8.Pressure Sprayer is very useful in gardening for spraying plant leaves down with water to removes dust and dirt. It features a nozzle design and an operating knob that makes it simple to spray insecticides.
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9.CocoPeat is perfect for indoor potted plants, it contains enough nutrients and improves soil health. Cocopeat holds water for a long time, so it reduces the water requirement.
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10.Liquid Seaweed Concentrate is used to help plants in balanced growth and promote stronger, healthier plants. It increases microorganisms in the soil. It’s a product that every gardener should have in their kit.
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