7 Best WFH Essentials To Boost Your Productivity

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1.This Wi-Fi range extender will easily expand wireless coverage and provide you
with connectivity to the farthest corners of your house.2.This Stylize Work Desk Mat will elevate the look of your work desk. A minimal and elegant Leather and Felt Desk Mat that beautifies the work desk with an additional loop to hold pens. 

3.Foldable Laptop Stand will create the perfect ergonomic posture to improve eye-level viewing point and typing position. And reduce eye, wrist, and neck strain.

4.This Extension Cord comes with a 3 plug socket point so you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Surge Protector allows you to safeguard your computers, peripherals, and electrical equipment against electricity fluctuations in your home.

5.This quick charging pair of True Wireless Ear Buds comes with longer battery life and better audio quality with echo cancellation. Must have for the long conference calls, so that anyone around you at home isn’t disturbed.

6.Ultra-quiet Wireless Mouse with silent buttons comes handy when you are working late at night or in a quiet environment without disturbing anyone around.

7.Mini WiFi Router UPS provides uninterrupted power backup for WiFi during power cuts and switch over to generators, perfect for online meetings and video calls while working from home.

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