7 Yoga Essentials To Practice Asanas At Home

21st June is celebrated as “International Day of Yoga” which aims to raise awareness of the many benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga promotes both the physical and mental well-being, holistic health of every individual. 

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1.Textured foam Anti-Skid Yoga Mat is perfect for home, gives you enough cushioning, and helps you perform the posture comfortably. Use this mat to practice meditation or yoga asanas.

2. Cotton Yoga Mat is ideal for yoga asanas and floor workouts. It has a soft and breathable surface which makes it a sweat-absorbent. Eco-friendly yoga mats provide excellent grip and are easy to carry.

3. A Set of 2 Yoga Blocks are a useful tool that offers stability to improve your balance during yoga. It makes difficult yoga posture accessible to beginners.

4.A Yoga Wheel gives you the much-needed support and lets you perform all movements and poses with ease and safety. Great way to stretch up and release tension in the neck, and spine. Perfect choice for enhancing your yoga routine.

5. Yoga Belts or Straps are used as an extension of your arms allowing for additional stretch. They are perfect for improving flexibility, mostly used for stretching.

6.Yoga Roller helps release stiffness in the neck, back & legs. Ideal for balance training & relieve tension points.Improve flexibility and range of motion.7.This Fitness Band comes with Yoga tracking mode. It tracks the duration of the workout, calories burned, and your heart rate during a session. It also has stress monitoring with a guided breathing exercise to lower the stress level.


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