The 5 Best Smart Display For 2021

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“Smart Companion For Your Smart Home”

1. Echo Show 5(2nd Gen,2021) is a smart speaker with Alexa and a 5.5” screen. Watch your favorite movies and shows from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Listen to your playlist from your favorite music app. Comes with an improved 2MP camera to call friends and family. It comes with a mic off button and a built-in camera cover to protect your privacy.

echo show

2. All-New Echo Show 10 has a 10.1” HD screen that moves automatically to face you whether you’re making a video call, or watching your favorite TV show or a movie. The 10W speaker delivers loud and clear sound. Set up smart lights, plugs, or cameras with Echo Show 10 and control them using just voice. There’s a 13MP camera for better video quality and remotely monitor your home on the Alexa app or on other Echo Show devices.

3. Google Nest Hub has a 7″ screen and comes with Google Assistant built-in so that you can access your latest pictures, check your calendar or watch YouTube videos, and more. If you are invested in the Google ecosystem this is the best option for you. You can also control compatible smart devices in your home like smart light, plug, and others.

google nest hub
4. Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant Smart Speaker, this smart clock offers voice and touch control so that you can quickly and conveniently use it. It’s compact which makes it ideal for a nightstand. The Smart Clock is capable of showing the time, weather, calendar appointments, and Google Photo albums. You can interact with the screen with either voice or touch, and there are buttons for controlling volume.
smart clock

5. Lenovo Smart Display 7 has a wide-angle viewing display and dual stereo speakers. This device lets you watch videos or view photos on a slideshow The display has a privacy shutter so you can keep the camera covered when it’s not in use. With a 7inch screen and good speakers, it’s ideal if you are looking for a mid-size smart display.

lenovo smart display

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