Top 10 Mugs For Chai And Coffee Lovers

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1.These eye-catching Double Wall Glasses make every drink look like a work of art. The double-wall glass layer insulates the drink, keeping it hot or cold for a longer time. You also have options of a cup with a handle or without a handle.

glass tea cuptea glass

2.This Set of 2 Ceramic Coffee Mugs come with handpainted blue flowers on an indigo glazed backdrop. Perfect to serve beverages on any occasion.

3.Inspired by Cutting Chai, these quirky tea glasses with the holder are perfect for any chai lover. It brings the charm of having tea at small tea shops or railway stations. Two options available one with a yellow iron holder and another one with a wooden holder.


4.This elegant and eclectic-looking mug with a wooden handle and lid has a unique design. The wooden handle makes it easy to hold hot drinks. Perfect for a hot sip of coffee.

5.Enjoy Filter Coffee or Tea in this traditional Brass Tumbler. In most South Indian homes, tumbler/dabara is the most authentic way to serve hot coffee.filter coffee6.Enjoy your Frothy Coffee or Kadak Chai in a classic cup & saucer with an elegant watercolor effect and golden handle.The wide cup is perfect for cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and foam-topped beverages.

tea cup

7.This Travel Mug can be used for keeping the drinks at the required temperature for up to 8 hours which makes it ideal for long trips. Perfect to sip your favorite beverage for a long time at the right temperature.

travel mug

8.These Ceramic Kullad/Kulhad are the best for your favorite morning chai. The red and green floral design makes it playful. It brings up a unique and traditional vibe during your tea parties.

tea cup

9.This tall ceramic mug with a classy and elegant design is perfect for having hot beverages like coffee, tea, or milk. Ideal for a large portion of tea/coffee.

coffee mug10.This Set of 2 Ceramic Mugs are hand-glazed studio pottery. Brew a cuppa and enjoy it in this unique mug design.


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