Top 10 Wooden Products To Setup Rustic & Cozy Décor

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1.This hand-carved Wooden Mirror with a distressed look gives a completely new look to the plain mirror. Hang it on the wall, it looks perfect in your house. The mix of rustic wood with the sleekness of a mirror creates a cozy vibe.wooden mirror

2.This Photo Frame has a unique design and pattern to suit modern as well as rustic themes.

3.These Wooden Coasters are inspired by nature, comes with the classic natural wood finishing and with a log stand to stack up the coasters. These eye-catchy decorative coasters are ideal for coffee/dining tables and bars.coaster

4.This Table Lamp with the wooden body is carved in a classic silhouette and is paired with linen shade. It looks great in the bedroom or on a side table in the living room.wooden table lamp

5. This set of 3 Wall Hanging Wooden Shelves is ideal to display showpieces, candles, or photo frames. Three different-sized shelves in teal color fill your favorite space with warmth and coziness.wooden wall shelves

6.This multipurpose Wooden Stand can be used to keep plants or to keep decorative accents around the house or to display cake/muffins. The distinctive geometric wooden design makes the space look attractive.wooden planter stand

7.These hand-carved Wooden Printing Blocks (Set of 3)for fabric painting can be used as decorative showpieces, artifacts, paper-weights, or decor accents.

wooden printing block

8. These Floating Wooden Shelves add some storage solutions to organize your books or display decorative items, photo frames, etc. Natural wooden finish brings a rustic flair into your room.wooden shelf

9.Hand-crafted Wooden Candle Stand/Holder comes with a distressed finish which gives it an earthy and elemental look. Ideal for center table and corner table in the room.wooden candle stand10.This Wall Hanging Magazine Rack is ideal to organize your magazines and daily newspaper in your living room. The antique teal color design, makes the living space inviting.newspaper stand

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